Video Games in Teaching and Learning Course


The academic year is close to its end and with it my course on Video Games in Teaching and Learning is ending as well. This is the second year I am teaching this course in Kibbutzim college of education as part of a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Technology and Education. I really think and hope it improved dramatically from last year. I have uploaded all the course presentations to slideshare. This is the first presentation:

There are a total of 9 presentations, all of them are on slideshare.

Hopefully more teachers in Israel can see them, learn from them and use them to change the way they teach.




COTS Video Games

cots vidoe games

In this lecture I describe the use of commercial of the shelf video games in class (in Israel) from my perspective. I focused mainly on the experience I had in teaching teachers about it, the difficulties, the benefits and minecraft.

you can find the lecture video here

Games Development in Action Script 3.0 (For Game Designers) – Presentations, Examples and Exercises


In 2011 I gave a course called “Games Development in Action Script 3.0 (For Game Designers)” in the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Academic College. Here are my Presentations, Examples and Exercises. A good way to start with programming particularly if you are a game designer. to activate the examples you will need adobe flash 4 and up. Its been 4 years since I choose Flash Action Script 3.0 as the course programming language and although a lot has changed i still think it is the best and easiest way to understand programming in a level needed for a game designer.

you can download the Examples and Exercises from here lessons 1-12 lessons 13-14+test

2 interesting lectures


Yesterday i gave a lecture about gamification and startups an a JVP event in Jerusalem. the event was great. here is the presentation i gave.. use it wisely
Today i gave a lecture about games and learning, summarizing my course on the subject  in 2 hours. again here is the presentation. use it even wislyer…

Dissertation hand in


7 years ago I started to work on my dissertation proposal. Yesterday after close to 400 drafts I finally handed in my dissertation.

Now, I’ll wait…

I’m quite sure this is the first ever research about Video Games history in Hebrew, and for sure the first research  that uses SCOT (Social Construction of Technology) to tackle Video Games. If You’ll read it all i’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two about Video Games and about Technological Development.

Innovation Workshop – Games and Reality


Today I gave 4 hours workshop called “Innovation Workshop –Games and Reality”. During the workshop students from the Recanati School of business in Tel Aviv University thought of games and startup related games ideas and “fought” against each other discovering if their idea has a chance to become the great big next hit.

I really liked some of the ideas, for example: a game you need to run in real life in order to “charge” your character in the game. A game you “scan” your real pet and play with it in a virtual world, including a virtual dog fight with real dogs. A real cart driving game you play wearing Google glass. The glass allows you to see virtual power ups or virtual avatars to enhance your driving experience (did someone say zombies)

For me the workshop was really fun. I hope the students had fun as well and I do hope some of these ideas will become actual games.

Lecture at ILTechTalks@Outbrian – Using Gamification in Startups


Just finished my lecture at Outbrian. It was very nice, a lot of interest. Though about it , you can find a lot of pretensions about gamification and…education, marketing, commerce, enterprise, health, self improvement, but no one is talking about startups. well this pretension is exactly about that…
have fun watching

New “Intro to Video Games” Lectures


I started teaching this year in Kibbutzim College of Education. I teach a course about integrating video games in teaching. As most teachers in israel don’t really know video games that well I decided that my 6 first lectures will be an Intro to video games. here there are, partly based on an older intro course i gave in shenkar and HIT, updated, shorter, and better.

here are the lessons presentations:

If you want the original powerpoint files for some reason please contact me, i’ll be happy to provide them for the right reason. enjoy

Gameful Pedagogy

the world is a game

In the past few months I gave a few lectures about gamification, the video games industry, games & education. All those months I was too lazy to update my blog but finally today I did.

Here are my new presentations:

Gamified Education:  Exercising insights from video games in education [presentation] [video]

Get to know the video games Industry [presentation]

Gamification – Now your playing with power (inproved) [presentation]

Using games in the classroom [presentation]

Gamification in the classroom  [presentation]

you can find my full presentation list here.

As a bonus I started publishing some of my writings (mostly from my PhD) in a new Israeli developers magazine called “Game Dev il”, you can find my first publication here.