Lectures & Papers


March 2007 –Israeli Society for History & Philosophy of Science (ISHPS) annual conference – The Symbiotic Development of Cultural Heroes and Technology [presentation]

June 2007 – Beit Berl 2nd annual Games Conference and Exhibition – Thinking out of the game box : the new gaming business models of the internet era. [presentation] [paper]

June 2007 – STS@BIU paper – Examining the development of a video game series using SCOT : The development of the Zelda game series as a case study. [paper]

October 2007 – STS@BIU paper – Teaching Video Games Development in Israel: Two pioneer approaches [paper]

February 2008 – Israeli Center for Libraries MultiYeda 2008 conference – Casual Games : The internet and games for all the family [presentation]

April 2008 – GameIS Exhibition – Casual Games in Israel: The Israeli Casual Game Market,  Recent Developments (with Yuval Bayrav) [presentation]

April 2008 – Beit Berls Video games Design and Development Colloquium – Skill Based Games [presentation]

February 2009 – What can we learn from video games, Israeli ministry of education seminar on video games, violence and education. – Video games not what you thought: Video games in a broad view [presentation]

May 2009 – Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture guest lecture -Computer Games and architecture – what can be learned from computer games spaces [presentation]

October 2009 – The 2nd Israeli Games Video games Unconference –  Genres Evolution in Video Games : The Story of The Puzzle Games Genre [presentation]

June 2010 – STS@BIU paper – The Development of Handheld Gaming devices using Social construction of technology(SCOT) [presentation] [paper]

August 2010 – Beit Berls Video games Design and Development Colloquium – The Development of a game series under versos technological platforms: The Story of Bubble Town [presentation]

December 2010 – The 3nd Israeli Games Video games Unconference –  New Video games Platforms Types: The Revolutions of The Video games Industry  [presentation]

March 2011 – The Mofet Institute, Mofet 2011 convention – Integrating Game Mechanics In Teaching: Even a Course can be Played [presentation] [video1] [video2]

March 2011 – Tel Aviv Yaffo Academic College – Changes In Video Games Space : The Transformation from Virtual to Physical [presentation]

October 2011 – GameIS annual event – Gamification Panel  [presentation]

November 2011 – World Usabilty Day UPA  2011 – Gamification and Usability : Things UX Designers can learn from Game Designers [presentation] [video]

November 2011 – Shenkar College  – Game Platforms : Past and Present [presentation]

December 2011 – The 4nd Israeli Games Video games Unconference  – Usable Gamification: Do and Don’t Do in Gamification [presentation]

December 2011 – UXI Israel  – Usable Gamification: Do and Don’t Do in Gamification [presentation]

January 2012 – Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem – Gamification: The Power of Gameful Design  [presentation]

April 2012 – TechLoft, Tel Aviv -Gamification: The Power of Gameful Design (Improved)  [presentation]

July 2012  – The 10th Annual Meital National Conference 2012 [presentation]

August 2012 – Meetup @ Jivy Group – Gamification – Now youre playing with power [presentation]

November 2012 – Open University – “The World is a Game” seminar  – Gamified Education:  Exercising insights from video games in education [presentation] [video]

November 2012 – Amutat Mamram Meetup on games @ Jivy Group – Get to know the video games Industry [presentation], Gamification – Now your playing with power (inproved) [presentation]

December 2012 – Ort Tel Aviv – Opening lecture in Gameful pedagogy workshop – Using games in the classroom [presentation], Gamification in the classroom  [presentation]

May 2013 – Info 2013 Teldan 28 annual conference – Gameful Pedagogy: On the Connection between Game Design and Teaching

June 2013 – TEDxSTS @ Bar Ilan university – Gameful Pedagogy: On the Connection between Game Design and Teaching [presentation]

July 2013 – Meetup @ Outbrin – Using Gamification in Startups – Now You’re Playing with Power [presentation]

September 2013 – Games and Education conference @ Utopia Festival – Using Commercial of the Shelf Video Games in Class [presentation] [video]

December 2013 – Games For Change Israel – Using Commercial of the Shelf Video Games in Class

February 2014 – MindCet – Video Games, Past Present & Future [presentation]

July 2014 – GameIS Edtech @ Google campus – Game Makers for Teachers [presentation]